Mobile Hydraulic Equipment

Mobile Hydraulic Loading Bridge

Mobile Hydraulic Loading Bridge

Hydraulic mobile climbing trolley is a kind of convenient, quick, safe, scientific, time and energy, save manual forklift loading and unloading operation platform, up and down for wharf, container loading and unloading, is foreign trade cargo handling. Mobile hydraulic dock leveler is used with...

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Mobile hydraulic loading bridge Use:

It is mainly to meet the need of forklift and carrier to meet the needs of fast and large batch loading and unloading from the container or all kinds of trains.

Applicable places:

The need for bulk loading and unloading of all kinds of factories, warehouses, yard, station, wharf, grain depot, etc.

Mobile hydraulic loading bridge Product advantages:

1. the efficiency of loading and unloading is high. Single man operation without manual handling

2. unloading and unloading freely, low cost, arbitrary moving position loading and unloading

3. No external power supply, artificial hydraulic sparkless

4. anti oil, antifouling, rain proof, antiskid, explosion-proof, and fire prevention

5. high quality seal system, hydraulic cylinder more reliable

6. product surface antiskid network design, non deformation

7. comfortable hand handle hand, hand-held hydraulic system with good performance

8. fixed foot: the loading and unloading process is more reliable

9, a chain of safety and protection is fixed to prevent car bridges and cars from shifting.






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